Simple Analytics vs Google Analytics: Building Products in the Analytics Space Without Invading Privacy

In episode 8 of the Tools for Scale podcast, I chat with Adriaan van Rossum, founder of Simple Analytics on creating a competitor to Google Analytics and building products without invading user privacy.

Simple Analytics is a EU-based privacy first company that focuses on providing value for customers without invading the privacy of the users. Adriaan believes the team can build value products in the analytics space without invading this privacy. Simpel Analytics is only the start of what he wants to achieve.

Simple Analytics features:

  • You get the essentials: page views, referrers, top pages, and screen sizes. We enrich this data with useful info like original Tweets.
  • They don't use cookies or collect any personal data. So no cookie banners, GDPR, CCPA, or PECR to worry about.
  • Easy to understand dashboard
  • Email reports
  • API & export your data

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